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Official EZ-Flash Advance Retailers


Buy EZ-Flash R4 DS

EZ-Flash 2 GBA

The latest and the most advanced DS, DSi and game boy rom backup devices

EZ-Flash GBA Jandaman

EZ2 PS 256M and 512M with cheap shipping from USA

EZ-Flash Linker4U

EZ-Flash II Power Star 256Mb and 28Mb Ram Card Set (GBA-0130)
EZF- Advance 128M and 256M Flash Card Set (GBA-0101)

EZ-Flash 2 GBA Mod Chip Now

EZ-Flash 2 Power Star 256M Set $159.00 
EZ-Flash Advance 256M with USB Linker Cable $159.00 
Worldwide shipping


Official Online Retailers does not sell flash cards directly to end users. We sell to wholesalers. If you would like to purchase one of our products you will have to use one of the retailers who we supply with ez-flash sets. All sets come with a 1 year warranty for defects in manufacturing and in the rear cases that someone runs into some problems with or products the retailers will handle the warranty and exchange of defective units.


Latest EZF News 

* Prices listed on our website are Suggested Retail Prices. Individual retailers can choose to sell ez-flash for little more or less depending on their marketing strategies. Look out for tricky merchants who reduce the price of the products but make up for that on inflated shipping charges!


EZ-Flash 2 BinaryGame

WARNING: Binary Game Account Suspended

EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar 256M Card and Linker Set
EZ-Flash Advance 128M Realtime Flash Card Set with EZFA USB cable
EZ-Flash Advance 256M Realtime Flash Card Set With USB Cable
Separate EZF-Advance 256M Flash Card Only
Worldwide Express Shipping for only $8.50 USD and Lifetime Warranty



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