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EZ-Flash Advanced Products


ez2 ezii ezflash2

EZII PS (EZ-Flash 2 Power Star)

EZ2 PowerStar Card with Real-Time Clock built in. Cheat code support and Emulator support is built into the software. Software reset and advanced boot menu for selecting games. Bets power saving features to date.

ez2 powerstar


EZF Advance EZFA

EZF Advance (EZFA)

First backup cart with buil-in RTC Real Time Clock and GBA2USB Linker. Use the EZFA usb linker cable to load small gba rom files to the gameboy internal memory. Play small games without a flash card Compact USB link.

ezf advance


EZ-Flash 2 GBA

EZ-Flash 2 (EZ2 Flash)

The latest and the most advanced game boy rom backup device compatible with GBA, GBA SP and GameCube Gaeboy Player. Uses same software as EZ2 PowerStar. Cheaper than the PS models - needs more power to work.

ez-flash 2


gba ez-flash 1

EZ-Flash 1 (EZflash)

EZ-Flash 1 Original USB Card & Linker. The cheapest one in the series, but uses more battery power and less compatible with game saves of the latest Gameboy Advance games. EZflash has been cloned as XG-Flash 1.

ezflash ez1



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