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GBA Flash Cards


gba flash card ezfaFlash Advance Cards are Just like a ReWritable CDs, Memory Stick from Sony, or like a Smart Card or Smart Media Card you are using for your MP3 Player, it will simply hold the game data in it's Flash Memory. Gameboy roms for GB games are what MP3 files are for Music. Once you have sent games, demos or programs to ez-flash card memory using the EZFlash Linker, it can simply be plugged into the Gameboy Advance or GBA SP and it will act like an original game - there is 100 percent no difference!

Flash Advance Card will also allow you to store savegame data. This means once you've opened a lot of levels or you got some extra points in your game, you won't need to start from the scratch - it will save the game status just like an original cartridge with the game. Savegame data can be stored on your local PC Harddrive too, so you won't loose any data when you are using the flash card for other games.

Flash Advance Card can be re-written more them 10 000 times, so feel free to use as often as you like, just the same like any other Flash Card on the market (Smart Media, Memory Stick etc.).

The Flash Advance Card is furthermore the perfect choice for any professional Gameboy Advance developersor even home developers - Create your own games using your PC (free software is available) and simply use the Flash Advance Card to show your game/demo to friendsor test it on real Hardware. If you believe it or not, even large software companies are developing their games using exactly this Hardware and this methods.


Latest EZF News 

  EZ-Flash 2 Power Star

EZflash II set was and is one of the best gba backup devices ever made but we found a way to make it even better. Power Star version o EZ2 uses 1.8 V flash memory chips that considerably reduce power consumption of the game cartridge

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  EZF Advance set gets a new package

The design of the EZFlash Advance Linker and Card (USB-2-GBA Link cable and Real-Time Card) BOX has been update and we think it looks a lot better this way. See for yourself - compare our old and new EZFAdvance packaging

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