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GBA Flash Linker

GBA Flash Linkers (also know as Flash Writers) are devices that are used for:

  • Backuping Games from Nintendo original Gameboy cartridges.
    Reading out game data and storing it on PC as GBA ROMS
  • Backuping SaveGames from Nintendo and EZ-Carts
    Reading out save game states and storing it on PC as .SAV files
  • Writing GBA roms to Gameboy Flash Cards
    (note: you can not erase or write ROMS to Nintendo cartridges - they are read only)
  • Writing / Restoring Save Games to Flash Cards and original cartridges

Gameboy Advance Flash Linker set (Link cable + GBA Flash Card):

  • EZ-Writer
    A small box that is used for writing the roms to the flash card. You put the EZ-Cart in it and connect it to a computer using the USB cable.
  • USB Cable
    Standard A-B usb cable that at one end connects to a computer usb port and at the other end is plugged into the EZ-Writer / Linker
  • EZ-Flash Card
    Cartridge that externally looks similar to nintendo made game cartridges but inside it has Flash Memory and not ROM (Read Only Memory) like Nintendo GBA cards do. EZ-Flash card can be used for backuping your commercial game gba roms, playing free gba roms from the net and playing programs that 3rd party programmers have made. Video and Audio codeks for Flash Cards are also available!
  • Installation CD
    Contains EZ-Flash Linker installation Drivers, EZ-Writer Software and users manual in English and Chinese


gba flash linker set




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