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GameBoy Games

Download GBA ROMS from internet. Play games that were released by Nintendo and 3rd party programmer

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NES, SEGA Game Gear, Master System, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, PC Engine / Turbo Grafx, Chip8

Play Emulators on GBA

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Convert MP3, MPG and Avi files to play on GBA.

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EZF Advance and EZFA RTC Card

EZ-Flash 2 GBA

EZF Advance Relatime

  • EZ-Writer for to link GBA to the PC USB 1.1 or 2.0
  • EZ-Cart 128, 256 and 512M gba flash cartridges for storing gameboy advance roms. (128M and 256M available at the moment)
  • Software for Nintendo GBA game cartridge backup and sending gba roms from computer to EZ-flash 2 cartridge.

Suggested Retail Price : $ 130.00

EZ-Flash II Power Star $130 

EZFlash Advance

USB Flash Linker -- EZF-Advance USB-2-GBA Cable

  • EZFlash Advance Linker/ Cable connects to PC USB port. USB 1.1 and v 2.0 are supported. Connects directly to the GAMEBOY ADVANCE & GBA SP Link Port.
    Writer is small and lightweight, and no other power source is required - USB port powers the unit.
  • Can upload small game roms and applications direcly to the Gameboy VRAM. This unique feture anables you to play gba demos and small emulated nes, sega game gear, pc engine and spectrum roms without a gba fash card!
  • When linker is connected - backup Nintendo Gameboy Advance Games to PC (make GBA ROMS)
  • Store save games from original and flash cards to PC (.sav files)
    - you can use the .sav files to play the game roms on a PC emulator and when you hit the road write them back to a flash card and cntinue playing
  • Write GBA roms to rewritable EZFA Realtime flash cartridges.
    - Download gba roms from internet and upload them to cartridge
    - Write multiple game backups to one catridge
    - Play Freeare and PublicDomain games that were never released on Nintendo cartridges
    - Upload your own Video, MP3, Slideshows, e-Books, Html and emulators to the gba flash cartridge.

GBA Flash Card -- EZF Advance Realtime Cart

Main EZFA Realtime Cartridge Features

  • Multiple GBA Games one one cart :
    Commercial Gameboy Advance games are usualy 32 and 64 Mb big so on 256M cart - the most popular size - you can store 4 to 8 games. If the games are smaller you can store more. 100% working with multigames and with all NES GAMES
  • EZFlash carts are the exact same size as the orginal GBA game cartridges.
  • Support Real-Time Clock RTC:
    RealTime Clock and calendar built-in, perfect for Fans of Pokemon and the future RTC compatible games.
  • Works with GAMEBOY ADVANCE and GBA SP consoles worldwide (USA, JAP, EU, NTSC, PAL ...) and supports games from any country and in any language.
  • Hardware Support for all Save Game types :
    Directly support hardware save, so you don't need to waiting for the new games patch again.
    Seperate 4M for SRAM, FLASH, EEPROM save games
  • Rechargable battery for Save Games :
    Using rechagable Li-Ion battery for savegaemes ensures that you will never loose you game progress. The battery recharges hen you use the card in the gameboy.
  • Support 5 Key software ReBoot :
    You can press down the " R+A+B+Select+Start " button in any time during you play the game,it'll return to the menu screen directly but not need to switch off your GBA.

Extra features of EZF Advance RealTime Cards:

  • Run emulators of NES, Z80, PCE, Chip8, Asteroids, GB, SEGA Master System and Game Gear and other classic Video Game roms. Direct support for flashing NES roms without PocketNES emulator will be added in the writer software version 3.
  • Can run VIDEO and Audio MP3 files for GBA.
  • Supports gba e-Books and Photo albums / Slideshows

What is included in the box:

  • 1 x 128M, 256M, 512M, 768M or 1G EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar Cartridge
  • 1 x External EZ2 USB Writer
  • 1 x USB to Flash Writer Cable
  • 1 x Card CD with drivers ad PC Software and Users Manual
  • And all of that goodnes is packed in a nice blue gift box

Drivers & Software

Flash Linker Software -- EZ-Writer Software

Software compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
New in the software: Now supports cheat codes like Action Reply or Game Shark but without the need for any additional hardware.

Latest Drivers & Tools:

The very latest software, drivers and instruction manual will be sent on CD with the Linker Unit.

EZ 2 official resellers are always supplied with the latest software updates and drivers. New drivers come with easy install software installer so making it very easy to install. Also you can download software right here from our site.

Download ROM Backup / Writer Software

Compared to other flash cards  


- Can be used to load small (up to 2Mb) game roms directly to the GBA meory so you can play them witout a flash card
- RTC and Calendar for RPG games
- Built-In Cheat Codes
- Rechargable battery for save games


- EZF is more expensive than EZ1 sets
- Can not write EZ1, EZ2 or EZ2PS carts



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